Exterior Enhancements
Salvaging some apparently original front-porch columns and moldings that they found in the basement, Broberg and local contractor Larry Zimmerman created an elegant new portico over the house's existing raised-panel door, sidelights, and transom. "The town historian classified the porch that had been there as Greek Revival, which dictated the new design," says Broberg. "But we decided not to take it all the way across the front, as it had been, because that's one of the features that makes old houses dark inside." The new entry also incorporates a pair of old sconces and a pull-style doorbell that came with the house. "We're not sure when these things were added, but they are a charming part of the house's past that we wanted to preserve," she says.

Broberg also relocated the garage doors—they are now on the side of the house—and in their place added a pair of six-over-six windows, matching the house's originals. She rerouted the driveway as well, so it no longer monopolizes the front yard.

With the exterior (roof included) finally clad in period-appropriate cedar shingles, the house—and the architect—were put to the test at a party the couple threw to celebrate the project's end. "All night long, people kept asking me, 'Which part of the house is old and which is new?'" says Broberg. "For me, that's the biggest compliment I can get."
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