Doors and Windows
Examine weatherstripping around exterior doors and windows for tears and wear.
Look for cracks in window glass and glazing around panes.
Check the action of the windows for sticking points.
Look for peeling paint and other signs of wear on window frames and stools, usually in the bottom corners. Check that weep holes in the sill outside haven't been caulked over, inhibiting drainage.
Take a look at thresholds for cracks that could let water reach the sill.

Look around the attic space during daylight hours, with the lights turned off. Look for holes in the roofing that let light in.
Keep an eye out for signs of animal activity or entry points for animals.
Check around vents for gaps. Look at fan motors for frayed wiring or loose screws.
Feel around insulation for damp spots where leaks might be occurring. Look for missing or torn insulation, which could be a sign of animal activity.
Examine joists and rafters for structural damage.

Download a printable version of the entire Yearly Inspection Checklist here.

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