Turn Old Doors Into a Windowed Wall

When Steve Brown and Myra Klockenbrink decided to turn a series of cramped rooms in their 1890s townhouse in Brooklyn, New York, into an open, loftlike space, the couple hated the thought of sacrificing a set of stained-glass Art Nouveau pocket doors that resided in the recesses of a wall slated for demolition. "We wanted to keep the doors, but we had to remove the wall," says Klockenbrink. "Then one day it was like, 'Aha! We can make them work as a design element.'" The couple reused the doors as large interior windows set into a much smaller load-bearing wall erected in the middle of the reconfigured space; structural supports are hidden in the wood-framed columns that flank the stationary doors. Not only did the solution save the doors, it effectively defined the borders of the new kitchen, hallway, and dining and living areas while preserving a sense of openness, since the windows allow light to pass between the rooms.
—Jennifer Reading

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