Planning Pointers
Follow the line. When carving out space for a powder room, think about where water and waste lines can hook up to current plumbing. Adding new lines drives up costs a lot, especially if they're on an outside wall and need insulation.

Test-drive the layout. Always dry-fit fixtures before installing them so you know exactly how their placement will work. You don't want to find out you can't get around the open door after you've installed the wash basin.

Make it comfortable. In a small powder room, the ceiling should be no higher than 8 feet to avoid a vertical tunnel effect. Any taller and you may want to paint it a deep color to make the space feel more intimate. Putting in a pocket door or installing floor tile on the diagonal will help a small room feel more spacious.

Make it special. Consider using stone tile, hardwood flooring, or wainscoting; retrofitting a vintage dresser with a sink; or springing for a beautiful basin—after all, the powder room is one of the rooms guests use the most. Plus, its size means such splurges are on a small scale.

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