What You Can Do
Here are a few commonly recycled building materials. To find a recycling organization in your area, consult the local Yellow Pages or the Construction Materials Recycling Association at Cdrecycler.com.

Wood: Untreated wood can be shredded up for mulch, animal bedding, playground cover, or composting material, or it can be reused on-site in construction.

Drywall: Can be ground up for on-site use as a soil amendment.

Concrete: Can be used as an aggregate for new concrete for roads or buildings. On-site, it can be ground and used for backfill or as a sub-base for driveways or sidewalks.

Asphalt Shingles: Can be used for hot-mix asphalt, or as dust control on temporary roads. They can also be recycled into new shingles.

Where to Find It

Green builders:
The EcoBuilders Inc.
Asheville, NC

Ray Tonjes Builder Inc.
Austin, TX

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