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You don't have to live in the White House to have a beautiful rose garden. With about 18 million rosarians (yes, it's a real word) growing America's favorite flower, rose gardening could edge out baseball as the national pastime (just kidding, Big Papi). So it's no surprise there's a new crop of tools on the market specifically designed for cultivating the thorny beauties. Make room on your potting bench for these essentials.

  1. Sprinkler The colorful and durable plastic watering can has a nonslip, cushiony rubberized handle, as well as a swiveling spout for easy storage. 2-gallon Pour & Store Watering Can, $25;

  2. Handler These comfy kidskin leather mitts were designed by a hand surgeon with the rose gardener in mind. The extra-long cuffs protect arms from thorns, while reinforced palms and finger pads improve grip strength and increase durability. Rose Garden Gloves, in men's and women's sizes, $45;

  3. Cutter These snips have 3-inch blades for lopping roses when it's time to bring them inside to put in a vase. Slide the stems through the half-moon-shaped notches to remove the thorns. Snip & Strip snips,$9;

  4. Fertilizer This organic mix is packed with beneficial soil microbes to break down organic matter, stabilizing soil so that it can be absorbed easily by the plant roots. Added seaweed extract encourages stem growth. Dr. Earth Organic 3 Rose and Flowers Formula, $7.99 for 4 pounds; see for dealers.

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