The Future

According to the MIT Media Lab, where inventors are busy brainstorming new kitchen technologies, faucets of the future will have more bells and whistles—and lights. LED lights hidden inside the faucet will turn the water from red to blue depending on the temperature. Here are some other faucet innovations we might see, based on MIT and industry sources.

  • Tiny cameras in the faucet will recognize what's under the spout and adjust the water temperature accordingly: cold for veggies, warm for hands, hot for pots, and so on.
  • As water conservation efforts increase, electronic faucets will enter the mainstream, with voice commands ("the faucet is running") and built-in meters that monitor consumption.
  • Antimicrobial coatings in the supply lines will help defend against waterborne bacteria.
  • Installation will continue to get easier, with modular fixtures that snap into the faucet deck.

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