Photo: William A. Boyd
In the old days, choosing a faucet was a no-brainer: You said okay to whichever fixture your plumber provided. There were kitchen and bath showrooms, sure, but manufacturers hadn't started courting homeowners directly. Today, educated consumers, empowered by the Internet, well-stocked home centers, and, if we may be so bold, shows and magazines like This Old House, are steeped in the latest trends. For a look at what's hot now—and what's coming—turn the page.

The Past
A typical '70s kitchen had a chrome-finished faucet with acrylic hot and cold knobs. Single-lever controls were just beginning to catch on, and if you were truly cutting-edge, you had a separate side sprayer—"to wash the baby with," as our bemused host suggested during This Old House's first season, in 1979.

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