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windows with built-in aluminum casing
Photo: Kolin Smith

Built-in Aluminum Casing
Windows with integrated exterior casings come to the job site with the exterior trim already attached, saving hours of fussy carpentry. Typically, integrated casings have been little more than pieces of pine tacked to the window frame. But the windows for the Manchester house project have integral aluminum casing, a thick metal extrusion welded to the window frame to create a seamless, factory-painted surround that's impervious to the weather.

High-Fiber interior door
Photo: Courtesy of Trustile

High-fiber Doors
Unlike an entry door, where the chief concerns are security and weatherproofing, interior doors are selected mostly by aesthetics and by price. A door made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) wins on both counts: the same crisp detail and heft as solid wood at about half the cost (for 1 3/4-inch models). MDF has to be painted, but it doesn't warp or swell, or suffer from paint cracks. No surprise that all the interior doors at the Billerica project were MDF.

25th Windows and Doors
Photo: Courtesy Innerglass

Tight Interior Storms
After spending hundreds of man-hours restoring the historic windows on the front facade of the Salem project, "we thought it would b a shame to hide them behind modern storm windows," recalls TOH senior producer Bruce Irving. The solution: custom-made vinyl storm panels that snap into place against the inside casing—even if the windows are out of square—ensuring a virtually airtight fit.

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