On the Horizon: New technologies for the future of framing

engineered framing lumber
Photo: Kolin Smith

Foam Adhesives
New foam-based adhesives use the superior sticking power of polyurethane and are easily dispensed with just a finger on the trigger. Even better, one can of foam contains the equivalent of 15 tubes of old-style adhesive.

25th Framing

Tenacious Nail
The Sheather-Plus sheathing nail resists uplift forces twice as well as standard smooth-shanked nails, thanks to a ringed shank, an oversize head, and a cement coating that acts like a lubricant to speed the nail home, then bonds to the wood.

25th Framing

Super Studs
Laminated strand lumber — flakes of wood that are pressure-glued to the size of a standard 2x4 or 2x6 (inset) — is free of defects, won't warp or bow, and can run as long as 22 feet, a dimension unthinkable in a sawn stud nowadays.

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