Building Tips

Nailing Tips
  • Use the right-size nails. Codes specify length, girth, and number of nails in critical joints.
  • Don't overdrive. A nail head sunk too deep into the wood can't pull its full weight.

Framing Tips

  • Space consistently. Placing joists, studs, and rafters exactly 16 inches apart gives solid support to panel ends.
  • Use dry wood. Lumber stamped "S-dry" or "KD" (kiln dried) is less likely to warp and twist.
  • Keep wood dry.Block stacks off the ground and cover them with tarps.

Sheathing Tips

  • Use plywood clips on roof and wall panels. The 1/8-in. gap they create between each sheet prevents buckling.
  • Lay sheets perpendicular to framing. Increases overall strength and stiffness.
  • Glue and fasten. Adhesives can improve bond strength by a third.

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