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Under-Sink Organizer
That abysmal area beneath the sink—a no-man's land of pipes, trash cans, rusty scouring pads, and random cleaning supplies—is where even the most organized among us can go astray. These drawers will change all that, with compartments for sponges and scouring pads in the sink-hugging, U-shaped unit on top; cleaning products and recycling bins on the bottom. From Snaidero

Drawer to the Floor
The most overlooked storage potential in your kitchen might be right at your feet. By taking advantage of the rarely used toekick under a base cabinet, this deceptively deep single drawer creates a new storage unit, where you can put large pots and pans, bags of dog food, or cases of bottled water. From SieMatic

Turntable Doors
An improvement on an already good idea, this lazy Susan has doors that fold into each other when you rotate the carousel, giving you unfettered access to all the soup cans, cereal boxes, or, in this case, bamboo steamers you need. When you're done, just give the carousel a whirl, and the doors pop back into place. From SieMatic

Stand-up Solution
The thinking behind this slotted base-cabinet drawer is similar to that of the pegboard version: It frees up wall space by providing a new place for dishes. An added advantage is not having to stack plates, which helps prevent chipping and breakage. From Bilotta

Hideaway Bar
Compact and discreet, this bar cabinet lets you consolidate cocktail glasses, mixing equipment, bourbon, and bitters in one convenient spot. A pullout cutting board provides space for slicing limes and lemons, and when the party's over, the entire unit, like your guests, disappears into the night. From Wood-Mode

Knife Drawer
Do away with that knife block and free up some counter space by storing your blades in a drawer with protective wood slots. Graduated sizes accommodate big carvers as well as little parers. From Bilotta
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