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Sliding Corner Rack
Inaccessible space, like that deep corner recess, is almost as annoying as no space at all. This hingeless door, backed by generous metal shelves, pulls out and swivels, clearing the way for a large rear basket to slide over and putting even the most deeply buried items within easy reach. From Wood-Mode

Cutlery Carryall
So slap-your-head simple you wonder why somebody didn't think of it before. Putting handles on a utensil tray means you can carry it over to set the table or take it to the dishwasher for unloading. Optional adjustable slots on the side let you create snug spaces for smaller items, like pastry brushes or the garlic press. From SieMatic

High and Dry
This concept, long popular in Europe, elevates the sink-side dish-drying rack to a whole new level. Water drips into a removable drainage tray, and the whole thing can be concealed behind a door. It's great for those without a dish-washer or for anyone who wants to add a touch of European style. From Snaidero

Pop-up Shelf
If you don't use an appliance every day, why let it monopolize precious counter space (or, worse, get buried way in the back where you have to excavate to find it)? This pop-up shelf is strong enough to support large items like mixers or espresso makers. A release mechanism lets you gently push it back down like a jack-in-the-box when you're finished. From Wood-Mode

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