How to Turn Them Into a Table
Victorian-era housewives topped cast-iron radiators with marble slabs so they could do double duty as food-warming stations. Today, a salvager with a bit of imagination might use them as legs for a console table for the front hall. Here's how:

1) Select a pair of tall decorative radiators with flat tops. Narrow five- or six-fin radiators work best where space is tight.

2) Position radiators about 3 feet apart, ends facing the wall.

3) Slide a section of perforated galvanized pipe strap (shown inset), available at plumbing supply stores, around the top section of the fin closest to the wall.

4) Fold strap ends so holes line up, and secure to the wall with a toggle bolt (for drywall) or a screw and anchor (for plaster).

5) Top with a stone slab, thick glass, or wood plank cut to overhang the radiators by 2 inches in front and on the sides; the back edge should sit flush against the wall. Protect the underside of the top from scratches with felt pads or clear rubber disks.

Where to find it:

Radiator resource:
New England Demolition and
Salvage, East Wareham, MA

Bauer Brothers Salvage Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
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