Mattresses were made after 1973
Each bedroom and hallway has a working smoke detector
Closet lights are not exposed
Light bulbs meet the recommended wattage of each fixture
Incandescent lights are not exposed, do not have a shade, and are at least 12 inches away from combustibles
Electric cords don’t run under carpets and are not pressed against a wall or bed
Extension cords and outlets are not overloaded
Portable heaters or other heat-producing appliances are three feet from beds and other flammable materials, such as curtains
Each bedroom has an escape ladder that all members of the family know how to use
Electric blankets are UL-approved, with cords in solid condition
The floor has a working fire extinguisher

There are no gaps around the chimney that allow you to see the floor below
There is at least a three-inch gap between fiberglass insulation and lighting fixtures
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