FSC-Certified Hardwoods: Meticulously followed from the forest to your floor, these are logged and milled according to the highest environmental standards.

1. Long-leaf pine, approx. $3-$6 per sq. ft.; Environmental Home Center

2. Country Oak, approx. $6-$10 per sq. ft.; EcoTimber

3. American cherry, approx. $5 per sq. ft.; Green River Lumber

4. Central American teak, approx. $5-$7 per sq. ft.; EcoTimber

5. Brazilian cumaru, $5-$6 per sq. ft.; EcoTimber

Sustainable Alternatives: Reclaimed and salvaged timber, plantation-grown wood, and renewable resources like bamboo, palm, and cork preserve old-growth forests.

6. Coco palm (DuraPalm), $9 per square foot; Smith & Fong

7. Bamboo, $5 per sq. ft.; EcoFriendly Flooring

8. Reclaimed chestnut, $8 per sq. ft.; Vintage Log & Lumber

9. Hybrid eucalyptus (Lyptus), $5 per sq. ft.; Weyerhaeuser

10. Cork, $5 per sq. ft., EcoFriendly Flooring

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