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The Plan
Convert the first floor of an 18th-century house into an open, family-friendly kitchen.

1. COMBINED THREE ROOMS INTO ONE. To enlarge the 10-by-14-foot kitchen, the homeowners removed the dining- and living-room walls to create one 25-by-25-foot space. A structural post was added near the center of the room and wrapped with salvaged wood to blend in with the exposed ceiling beams.

2. ESTABLISHED COOKING AND EATING ZONES. To help define the work area in the open-plan kitchen, a partial wall was constructed next to the range. The island's two-level butcher-block L provides a clear meal-prep area, while its wide granite-topped expanse doubles as counter space for casual dining. An additional prep sink just steps from both the range and the fridge is handy for washing vegetables.

3. DESIGNATED LOUNGING AND SNACK-PREP AREAS. The fireplace dictated the kitchen's sitting area. The nearby wet bar serves up drinks and snacks.

4. ADDED COUNTER SPACE AND MAXED OUT STORAGE. The 36-inch-high soapstone countertops run right up to the windows, covering the existing sills. Every inch of countertop—including the 10-foot-long island—was fitted with base cabinets.
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