Addressing Doors and Windows
New garage doors are superior at excluding the elements. Choices range from custom-built wooden doors designed to harmonize with your house style to conventional steel doors (which should be double-walled and insulated). Speaking of harmonizing, did you know you can disguise your garage door as just another exterior wall. Here's a deeper discussion of garage-door options.

On a more functional level, the gap between the standard garage door and its frame are typically quite wide and in need of weather stripping. This is particularly important in regions with high humidity or extreme marine conditions, both deadly to metal surfaces. Clopay, and Raynor offer a wide range of wood and steel doors.

Windows often are thought of last in designing garages, but they're essential to a working garage, offering both light and ventilation. Narrow awning windows installed five or six feet above the floor offer many space-saving advantages, including preserving valuable wall space for cabinets and work areas. Most garage doors come with windows, too which is a good way to let in additional light, too.

Garage Safety
Fire safety is needs to be a paramount consideration in building or renovating a garage. After all, we're talking about a room filled with flammable liquids and electric tools. Give serious thought to a sprinkler system should be a high priority along with an alarm and a fire extinguisher or two. If the garage is attached to the house, be sure that the door leading into the residence is solid-core and fire-rated. Read this story about how homeowner's insurance works, especially if you think worrying about fire is for sissies.

Along the same lines, be careful with carbon monoxide.
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