Creating a New Floor
While not casting aspersions, garage floors almost always are the second-dirtiest surface in the world (gas-station bathrooms being No. 1). Sweep up the scraps, dust, and stray nuts and assess the situation.

Pay particular attention to your garage's drainage. Is the floor regularly wet or damp? Solutions run from the simple (patching the cracks) to the major (breaking concrete to installing a drain). Check out a few TOH drainage stories for help. Find out how to clean any clogged drain.

Fortunately, there are lots of choices when it comes to making the floor look good. An oil-stained concrete floor should be scrubbed, preferably with a mild, acidic cleaning solution, which can be found sold at hardware stores. Having created a clean pallet, buy a paint formulated for garage floors such as Behr's Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint is a widely available finish. For a more resilient and costly alternative, you can move up to an industrial epoxy finish, but it probably will require extensive surface preparation.

Many homeowners are turning to rubber overlays or composite products to top off floors. There are large mats and rolled sheets in various widths that you can be cut to fit your space. These products clean easily and are generally impervious to petrochemicals, antifreeze, and household cleaning agents. There's also a host of colors from which to choose; Griot's Garage offers a number of roll widths and colors.

Colorful, interlocking tiles that can be installed wall to wall are available from vendors including; Lock-tile; and the RaceDeck division of Snap Lock Industries.Tiles snap together, making checkerboard or simple designs if you like. Tiles range in size, starting at 12-by-12 inches.
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