Re-doing Garage Walls
You may want to remove most of the existing sheetrock, if any exists, to allow for the proper installation of electrical wiring that can meet your power demands.

The typical garage is electrically malnourished. You may need the electrical service upgraded to include a dedicated circuit-breaker panel for multiple circuits in order to handle heavy electrical consumption. You might even have a 220-volt circuit installed to power an air compressor or arc welder. Either way, you'll want multiple 110-volt receptacles near the floor and at bench height. And just in case you haven't heard this admonition before, electrical work generally is not DIY stuff. Hire a pro. If you must do this yourself, for safety's sake, read this article, and read this one.

Open walls also make adding new plumbing easier. In case you don't know, a good washbasin is worth its weight in anything that might come through the garage door.
Insulation is essential for any location that regularly sees frost. With these basics in place, a course of sheetrock will bring it all together.

And because garage lighting is usually a bare-bones affair, consider upgrading to low-cost overhead fluorescent fixtures is all but mandatory. If you will be putting in time on at a workbench, then mount directional task lights on the wall or ceiling overlooking the work area.
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