More Jigsaws

The blade on this jigsaw can be turned 360 degrees with a dial on top of the saw, perfect for making sharp turns in tight spaces. Also features a blower to keep the cut line clear of sawdust. $60; Black & Decker

A beefy 24-volt battery pack gives this cordless maximum power per charge, which takes just one hour. Also features a spring-loaded blade ejector and variable-speed trigger. $270; Boschtools

A removable handle turns this saw from a top grip to a barrel-style, while a red laser line helps keep your straight cuts straight. $90; Sears

In addition to a dust blower, this jigsaw has a port in the rear to attach to your workshop vacuum. Also has a four-speed orbital cut dial and built-in white LED light. $50; Ski

Blade Explainer

While all jigsaw blades have upward-angled teeth for cutting on the upstroke, the number and size of teeth dictate what can be cut. The higher the tpi (teeth per inch) count, the finer the cut. Blades attach to the saw with a T- or U-shaped shank, depending on the manufacturer.

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