Full Sun

Double Bird's Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus 'Plenus')
Versatile, hard-working fast grower with dark green leaves; yellow blooms.

Irish Moss (Sagina subulata)
Mosslike groundcover that dislikes extremes of wet and dry; white flowers. Flourishes between stones and in rock gardens.

Miniature Daisy (Bellium minutum)
Diminutive spreading daisies on wiry stems. Good between paving stones or in border areas.

Pink Pussy Toes (Antennaria dioica 'Rubra')
Creeping mat of silver-gray leaves; fuzzy pink blooms. Good for rock gardens and paths.

Spicy Orange Thyme (Thymus x 'Spicy Orange')
An airy ornamental with needlelike leaves; orange fragrance; pink flowers. Attracts butterflies.

Stonecrop (Sedum spurium)
Compact creeping succulent; deep purple flowers. A favorite for rock gardens.

White Mazus (Mazus reptans 'Albus')
Low-growing mat of bright green leaves; white blooms. Ideal for rock gardens and between pavers.

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