Step-by-Step, continued

5. Level the tops
With a rubber mallet, tap the stone's top flush with the mason's line. Bed and even up the remaining stones, one after the other, keeping each one tight against the last.

6. Secure the bases
When all 10 blocks are in place, push the concrete 6 inches up their back sides, then trowel it smooth at a 45-degree slope. Lay out 10 more blocks and repeat the steps.

7. Turning corners
Where the edging turns a corner, keep the stone faces tight to one another. Always end a row with a full-sized stone. If it doesn't fit, use a diamond-bladed saw or grinder to trim the last four stones in the row. Trim them all by the same amount to make the changes in size less noticeable.

Finishing Touches

When all the blocks are set, sweep some stone dust (available in bulk at stone yards) or ground limestone (sold in bags at nurseries) into the gap between the blocks and the pavement. Don't use sand; it attracts ants. Finally, fill behind the blocks with topsoil and plant with grass seed or cover with mulch.

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